About Me

Hi! I’m Amy! I’m from Houston, Texas, and sometimes I take pictures of people, pets, places, and things! I really wanted to avoid all those clichés about how I’ve always loved photography and being behind the camera — but, alas, ‘tis true. (You can ask my parents! They had to hide the household Kodak from me when I was little!) Photography has been something I’ve loved since I first stole my parent’s camera at the age of two and photographed them mixing concrete for a sidewalk they were pouring at our house. I have studied photography on and off since I was about 16, including high school and college courses, but I do prefer to sort of think out of the box and do things my own way.

Besides having a passion for photography, I’m also a writer (fiction, not poetry!), singer, and musician (piano, flute, and guitar). I love traveling and visiting new cities — I am especially fond of London (and the UK in general, really) and New Orleans. I have two cats, and love pretty much all animals. I’m a proud geek, and attend as many comic conventions as I can every year. I’m a people person, so I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. When I’m not behind the camera, I volunteer for quite a lot of things at my church. Please take a look through my work, and if you find yourself enjoying it, please contact me and let’s talk about what you may want to do!